About Deborah Ferrari

Deborah Ferrari is a popular chef in the country and has created her different image in the hospitality industry though her distinct style of cooking. She lays focus on understanding the ingredients in terms of texture, flavor, etc. before utilizing them to prepare a culinary art piece. She has been associated with the industry for than 2 decades, and it is her out of the box thinking as well as cooking talent that made reach the top position in the industry.

She believes that cooking is all about the passion for food and one should know how to blend the right ingredients together. Deborah Ferrari has worked with some of the most popular restaurants in the world and is counted amongst the top celebrity chefs in the world. She owns a chain of multi-cuisine restaurants that is scattered all over the globe. She knows the art of creating extraordinary dishes by the fusion of two extremely opposite flavors and this distinct her from others.

She has acquired the art of cooking from her grandmother, as she spent most of her childhood, as her grandmother used to bake pies and cookies for her. She offers some of her family recipes at her restaurants that are prepared exactly like her grandmother had invented. She pursued her bachelors in tourism and hospitality from a recognized culinary school. Later, she attained her masters degree in the same. Deborah Ferrari is known to practice some of the most difficult cuisines to prepare in the world.

She has been honored with various accolades for her remarkable contribution to the culinary world. She has also bagged a position in the list of top 50 most richest celebrity chefs in the country, and it is her urge to do something different which has transformed her dreams into reality. She is not only a talented chef, but also an intelligent businesswoman, as she manages all her restaurants in an effective manner. In her spare time, she likes to write and travel in order to explore unique cuisines.